The beautifully illustrated and irresistible tale of the 'Lonely Dog' - an orphan hound growing up in Alveridgea, where cats and dogs live alongside each other, but on very different sides of the tracks.

Set in the bizarre and beautiful port town of Alveridge, a fascinating place of unique clans and classes — where Felines struggle to maintain the upper hand. Bullied and misunderstood, Lonely Dog became a refugee in his own country. His was a hard scrabble life on the working class side of town, where motorbike gangs mingled with milkmen and everything was faded, including dreams. The story follows Lonely Dog from abandonment at the Houndside Orphanage steps through his emergence as a dapper, pin-stripe suited dog with a message of hope through his music.

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World Release - July 2012

Atlantic Books

Ivan Clarke is a landscape painter and fine artist living in Queenstown, New Zealand. Stu Duval is a professional storyteller and author, living also in New Zealand. The two have known each other since childhood. Alveridgea: The Legend of the Lonely Dog was accidentally inspired by Ivan's pet dachshund Arthur Snout.

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