Ivan Clarke


Masterworks are recognised as the highest quality fine-art limited edition reproductions available in the Art world today. Twenty years ago as demand out-weighed supply, Ivan Clarke first had his paintings reproduced as limited editions in a boutique Fine-Art publishing house in USA. These were the first Fine-Art Giclee’s to be sold in Galleries in New Zealand. Soon Ivan set up his own studio facility that has since perfected the art, improving the fidelity, light-fastness and quality, so much so, that now the production process is a closely guarded secret.Ivan Clarke's Limited edition studio is now the largest consumer of fine-art canvas and specialist media in New Zealand.

When compared along side the original painting, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference, they look the same, feel the same and even will stand the test of time the same as the original painting. Masterworks are reproduced on the same museum quality artists canvas that is tactile with substance of undercoat primer, pigment and brush-strokes, plus the protective clear coat just like the original oil painting.

Ivan Clarke Masterworks are carefully re-created with Archival quality pigments that have the same permanence and light-fastness as the original oil paints. The artwork is then hand-coated by brush with a special impasto medium that has sufficient body that enables the artisan to replicate the artists brushstroke and subtle textures that give the painterly quality that we expect on an original oil painting.

These limited editions are numbered on the artists seal on the side margin of the canvas that can only be seen when inspecting the artwork from behind the frame. They come with a quality guarantee.

Commissioned Works of Art

Need a special painting for that special space? Talk to us about it. One of the best ways to secure an Ivan Clarke original is to commission it.

In most cases there is no obligation to purchase the finished painting, nor is any deposit required unless it is a very personal request. Ivan will discuss the potential work with you to get a full understanding of what is required.


The unveiling of the finished painting can be via email. It’s then up to you to decide whether or not to purchase it. Ivan has done many commissioned works this way, resulting in many delighted customers.

Art dealers, talk to us if you have a special request from a client. Ivan has a very high success rate with commissions, 100% guaranteed.

Working from your photographs

The usual requirement is to have a range of photographs from various positions in order for Ivan to appreciate the scale and perspective. Ivan prefers to also have a side-shot of the place the main photos were taken from to better understand the lay of the land.

A painting will then be ‘composed’ which often means that the reference material is rendered for composition. This can effect the immediate foreground through to middle distance. It is important to inform the artist about any significant features that you may want included.

How to commission a painting

Contact us, we’ll arrange for Ivan to call you personally, that’s what works. Ivan enjoys discussing new works. Dialogue is established about the painting, the size and any other preferences. Ivan will wish to see any reference material you may have at this time or he can use his own. We will respond with a price for the finished work and give an approximate time-frame for completion. On receipt of payment the painting is shipped.

All commission enquiries are welcome.



There’s more to a painting than meets the eye.

Some have no idea what actually goes on behind the canvas or in fact what makes up a painting before and after it has been painted. This applies to limited editions giclees as well.

Ivan Clarke Gallery prides itself by providing clients the highest certified archival picture framing standards in New Zealand. We are proud to say that our master framer; David Marsh, is the most internationally certified and qualified picture framer, not only in New Zealand, but in the whole of the southern hemisphere.
Upon request, each and every one of Ivan Clarke’s paintings, artist’s proofs, and giclees can be stretched, mounted and framed to the highest possible standards.

Next time you’re in an art gallery, enquire as to how an artist’s canvas is mounted. You may discover that many originals displayed in galleries are not even on expandable stretchers. Kiln dried cedar with expandable wedges is our standard. Short of this is a cost saving practice for many artists which can result in potential problems in the long term.

All Ivan Clarke works and giclees are mounted to the highest standard as recommended by the PPFA (Professional Picture Framers Association.)

Ask how we can help with your framing needs.