Ivan Clarke Gallery

Ivan Clarke - Artist

Ivan Clarke is a well-known artist living in the beautiful Southern-Lakes region of New Zealand. His dramatic oil paintings are exhibited in his central Queenstown Art Gallery as well as the USA, with collectors from over forty countries. Ivan’s works express over thirty years of interpreting on canvas the majestic landscapes of his homeland New Zealand. As a landscape painter, Ivan is privileged to live immersed in the powerful landscape of what is becoming known as ‘middle-earth’, New Zealand. Famous scenes from Peter Jacksons Lord of the Rings Trilogy have been filmed adjacent to Ivan’s home.

Ivan Clarke Gallery

Ivan started imitating his Dad at the easel when he was just a boy, on rainy days, Ivan went on to make this pastime into an enterprise, never letting on to the public that the artworks they were buying were painted by an eleven year-old. His “art dealer” (friend of his Fathers) kept that little secret as well. Ivan grew up and learned the family trade of sign painting, illustration and commercial art, his talent was show-cased on everything from surfboards, billboards to high-rise buildings

ALVERIDGEA - the Legend of the Lonely Dog

AlveridgeaIn more recent years Ivan has become known as the creator of the Lonely Dog series of paintings and story which has recently been published by Atlantic Books - London. This and is now available through booksellers in a number of countries and has been published in multiple languages. In 2009 it was announced that Warner Brothers had acquired the movie rights. The Lonely Dog Art collection - which invites the viewer into a truly eccentric and whimsical world has attracted a significant following of fans and collectors.

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